Who Is Working For You?

We have a team of Highly Trusted Professionals that work month in and month out to help fix your credit.

Our Process.


Our enrollment specialists will make sure you understand how the process works and address any questions or concerns that you may have to make sure that this is the right service for you.  Afterward, they will walk you through enrollment into the Credit Restoration Program and Credit Monitoring service to make sure we have everything we need to start working on your behalf.


Approximately every 30 days during the 8-month restoration program, a Processor will review an updated 3 Bureau credit report to identify the items that need to be addressed to deliver maximum improvement of your scores with each credit repository.

Some results are often noticed within 3045 days of when our work begins but most positive results occur between months 3-6. Of course, some items can be more difficult to remove and may take longer.


There is no formula to show that any specific item will change your score by a set number of points, but as negative items are removed from your history your scores will begin to go up. We will be targeting: Bankruptcy, Repossession, late payments, collection accounts, incorrect or inaccurate information, and any information in your history resulting from identity theft or fraud.

We work to remove every possible item that may be weighing your scores down.Once the 8month service term is complete, if you would like us to continue working to improve your scores, Restoration clients can take advantage of continuing service for $19.95/month.  You can stop the service anytime, or we will keep working until your scores reach a level you are happy with

Why Should You Trust Us?.

We know the last thing you want is another scam.
Don’t just take our word for it – our happy clients speak for themselves.

They were courteous and understanding.

Private clients

I cannot thank US Credit Bureau enough for working diligently to get me and my daughters credit fixed. They were courteous and so very understanding of our situation. I would say to anyone who has credit issues to contact US Credit Bureau for guidance. You will be glad that you did!!!

Ruby W.

You can trust these people, they know what they are doing.


I called US Credit Bureau because I had some credit issues that I couldn’t fix on my own. I tried everything I could to get these items removed. Within 6 months they were no longer reporting on my credit. I am so happy. Thank you guys. You really helped me and my family. I couldn’t thank you more.

Francis H.

US Credit Bureau actually delivered…

Professional Firms

US Credit Bureau actually delivered what they said they would do. I am so glad that they fought and won my credit investigation (s). My credit boosted 100 points in 7 months I am so glad I AM FREE!!! Free from my bad credit.


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